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    • R495.00

      Aqua Phone Case

      Place your phone and seal. With this form-fitting waterproof case, you can safeguard your smart phones from the elements! As well as protecting your handset from water, the Aqua Phone Case also guards against sand, dust and snow. What’s more, the case’s touch-sensitive skin means that your device is still fully functional when it’s sealed away. Plus, you can take super clear underwater video footage as long as you start recording before you dip under the waves and stop recording when you come up for air – perfect for filming your scuba trip in the shallows! And of course, as the case is 100% water-tight, you can lounge around the pool on your lilo,...

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    • R125.00

      Cursor Icon Fridge Magnet Set

      For anyone who’s ever browsed the net, downloaded an app or simply used a computer, cursor icons are a familiar part of digital life – and with the invention of these cool cursor-style fridge magnets, they can be a familiar part of your offline life too! Featuring a series of seven wipe-clean cursor magnets – think black and white arrows, pointing hands, hourglass timers, the compass icon and more – this set is perfect for drawing attention to the scribbles you stick on your fridge! Use the arrows if you really want to alert your fellow housemates or family members to a particular note or picture, or opt for the hourglass if you’re highlighting...

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    • R699.00

      Eye Scope for iPad 2

      Fit this zoom lens onto your iPad and get picture detail like never before! Manually focusable with an 8 x optical zoom function, this miniature lens packs a hefty punch for its compact size. Simply attach it to the provided protective iPad case whenever you have a photo opportunity from afar, and then remove the lens once you’ve captured your shot! Features: 8 x optical zoom lens Manually focusable Protective iPad case and cleaning cloth included Please note: not compatible with the iPad 3...

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    • R595.00

      Immerse Virtual Reality 3D Headset for Smartphones

      Fancy walking with dinosaurs or getting your adrenaline pumping on a roller-coaster? Well, with the Virtual Reality Headset you can experience these emotions from the comfort (and safety) of your living room! The Virtual Reality Headset enables you to watch 3D movies, play simulated games and experience virtual simulations by downloading content directly onto your smartphones! With 360 degree content, and a screen view that will adapt with your head movements, you will get lost in hours of fun in a virtual world of your choice! Features: Compatible with most Smartphones (Android and iPhone) Maximum device size – 3.5×5.7″ (8.2 x 15.4cm) Wireless 360 head tracking Ultra Wide Field Vision Intense 3D view Adjustable...

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    • R445.00

      JuiceCell Plus+ Charge Your Gadgets on the Go (2000mAh)

      This battery shaped emergency charger provides extra juice for your gadget on-the-go. Despite its pocket-sized stature, this portable charger lends a punch full of extra power to your devices (2000mAh) just when you need it most, i.e. when you are running late for a date or important meeting and your phone battery is precariously low! Compatible with any micro USB, mini USB or Apple 30 pin charged devices, the Juice Cell comes with a charging cord and 3 connectors. The Juice Cell is also compatible with most existing USB charging cables. Features: Connectors included: Apple 30 pin/ Micro USB/ Mini USB Capacity: 2000mAh Compatible with most USB charging...

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    • R295.00

      Smart Emergency Charger *EOL

      With this lightweight battery-powered Emergency Charger, you’ll never again have to worry about your smartphone running out of juice whilst away from a mains outlet! If you get caught with no battery while you’re out and about, all you need to do is insert two AA batteries into the Smart Emergency Charger and connect the charger to your mobile phone. You’ll be able to make that important phone call in no time. If charging from a completely flat battery, the Smart Emergency Charger will leave you with around 60% (or higher) charge – more than enough battery life to complete your business on the move. Make sure you never leave home without it! The...

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