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    • R120.00

      $100 Toilet Roll

      Do you wish you were rich enough to flush money down the toilet? Now you can with this authentic looking $100 bill toilet paper. If you want to show your contempt for currency and feel that the dollar is devalued, you can use it to wipe your bottom on and express your true feelings about the state of the financial system! Consisting of 100% genuine completely fake hundred dollar bills this is an ideal gift for anyone that spends all their time daydreaming of riches or complaining about the credit crunch! Genuine copy of US currency, permitted under UNITED STATES CODE; 504: Treasury Directive Number 15-56 FR 48539 (September 15,1993) 411.1 as it meets...

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    • R195.00

      80s Retro iPhone® Case

      By today’s standards, you’d be forgiven for mistaking a 1980s mobile phone for, well, a house brick, but back in the day these chunky must-haves were the ultimate status symbol! We’ve come along way in terms of streamlined modernity and fancy features since then, but the 80s mobile remains a design icon in its own right. And with this funky phone case, you can get the best of both worlds. Simply slot your iPhone into the custom-made holder and capture the look and feel of the 1980s ‘house brick’ without losing any of your 21st-century specs! Features: Looks authentic Great gift Fits an iPhone...

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    • R95.00

      Bubble Wrap Ties (2 pack)

      Relieve boardroom boredom or get the party popping with these unique ties! Sure to offset any outfit to its best advantage, the ties provide the perfect conversation starter: people just can’t seem to resist those little pockets of air! And no need to waste time with frustrating fancy knots, the ties handily come with an elastic neck band – making your finishing touches as easy as ready, steady, pop! Features: Party popping ties! 2 pack includes 1 red and 1 blue...

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    • R385.00

      Ceramic Camera Lens Cup

      If you like a bit more substance to your morning coffee mug, look no further than the Ceramic Camera Lens Cup. This Mug is made out of quality ceramic and is designed to look just like a real camera lens! Measuring 14cm(H) x 8.3cm (DIA), the mug is the perfect size for your morning brew and fits into your hands like a glove. Ideal as a gift for a photographer friend or as a treat for yourself, the designer mug looks great in any modern kitchen or office. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Cookies and spoon not included. Features: Microwave and dishwasher safe Dimensions: 14 (H) x 8.3 (DIA) cm...

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    • R249.00

      Charred Whiskey Glasses (Set of 2)

      The flavours from your favourite whiskey are enhanced by the process of “charring” the oak barrels that they’re matured in. Through the charring process, the natural sugars in the wood are caramelised to give the whiskey a toffee/caramel flavour. Learn more here.  Each of these whiskey glasses takes a unique shape as they are placed over gas burners and set on fire. No two glasses are the same! Features: Set of 2 original whiskey glass Made for enjoying whiskey and bourbon of all kinds Material:...

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    • R395.00

      Click Stick Selfie Stick (Black)

      Weâ€ve all been there; you gather your mates for that massive group Selfie, you are reaching for that button… And damn! Youâ€ve just cropped yourself out! Designed to ease the strain of taking Selfies, thumbsUp!’s Click Stick will drastically change the way you take photos! This smartphone monopod is intergrated with a button which allows you to remotely take photos; The Click Stick needs no bluetooth, pairing or batteries! Simply plug your Smartphone into the headphone jack, strike a pose and click the stick! This selfie stick is designed to work with iPhones and Androids. Please note: Android users will need to download app camera 360 onto their phone to successfully use the Click...

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