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    • R995.00

      Bluetooth Splash Speaker

      The perfect rugged speaker for your outdoor and active life. This bluetooth speaker features a rugged case that will protect it from drops and bumps and it’s splashproof protections means that a bit of water doesn’t end the party. What’s really neat also is that this speaker has a built-in microphone so you can take calls whilst listening to your favourite music or podcast. This Bluetooth 3.0 speaker has both extraordinary sound and is shower proof! Its tough rubber exterior and splash-resistant shell makes it perfect for use in the bathroom or outdoors. The Bluetooth capability also means that your gadget never has to be in harm’s way – the wireless signal works from...

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    • R125.00

      Car Vent Clip-on Smartphone Holder

      This air vent holder allows access to all the functions on your Smartphone whilst being gripped to the cars air vent. Compatible with most Smartphones and easy to fit. Whether youâ€re streaming music, using GPS or making hands free calls; the air vent holder is guaranteed to make car journeys hassle free. Features: Fits most vehicle air vent slats Material: ABS Compatible with most Smartphones (Suitable for use with a protective case or without) Easy to fit Tilt and swivel adjustment View in landscape or...

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    • R165.00

      iGlove Smart Touch Glove for iPhone/Smartphone

      Thanks to the special conductive material discreetly woven into the forefinger, middle finger and thumb tips of these stylish gloves, you can keep your fingers toasty and activate your touchscreen devices at the same time! Attempting to use a touchscreen device when you’re wearing gloves is a little like trying to cross-stitch while wearing oven gloves, i.e. almost impossible. In the past you had to choose between frozen fingers and a workable device or cosy mitts and an unworkable gizmo… but not anymore! Thanks to the development of the iTouch gloves, you can keep warm while scrolling through your emails, sending a text, beating your high score on Bejewelled and generally maxing out on...

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    • R390.00

      Immerse iPhone 6 VR Phone Case

      Take your Virtual Reality experience everywhere with this ultra-portable iPhone 6 case. Just extend the lens out and over. It’s the compact choice for immersive 3D games and videos.  What better way to enter the world of Vitrual Reality than with this compact kit that not only provides a cover for your iPhone 6 but also has the VR glasses contained into the cover. This allows you to enter the immersive world of VR 3D on your phone at a fraction of the price for a bulky headset that does much the same thing. There’s 100s of apps to install and use, plus you’re able to watch videos in 3D. More and more content is...

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    • R95.00

      iPhone® 4 – Doodle Case

      Show off your signature style with this customisable phone case! Simply use the pen provided to decorate the form-fitting case, then clip it onto your handset to provide personality and protection in one. Fancy a change of design? Simply wipe the case clean with the solution included and start doodling afresh! This customisable case is a fantastic way to make your phone a little more unique. Complete with a wipe-clean black marker pen, it’s designed to be customised by your own fair hand – from line drawings to skate-style graffiti, words of wisdom and intricate works of art – what you doodle is totally up to you!  Once the ink has dried on the...

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    • R175.00

      iPhone® 4/4S – Retro Game Cover

      Re-create epic car journeys of yore with your trusty retro game consul at your side. Only this time, the retro part is just the phone cover – you’ll still have access to the 21st century games you know and love on your iPhone 4. Proving that the simplest designs are always the best, the popular Retro Game Cover emulates the big buttons and retro colouring of the classic 90s gaming consoles. To complete the feeling – add an Oasis album to your iTunes, have a scrap with your younger brother, and bask in the memories of long-lost youth. Features: Protective and stylish Great gift Does not include iPhone  ...

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