€€200 Toilet Roll

€€200 Toilet Roll


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Have you ever wished you were rich enough to flush money down the toilet? Yes? Well, now you can be… with the authentic looking 200 Euro bill toilet roll.

Alternatively, maybe you’d like to show your contempt for currency in general and make the point that money holds no real value. What a perfect opportunity to express your true feelings by using wads of it to wipe your bottom!

Made up of 100% genuinely fake two hundred Euro notes, this is an ideal gift for anyone that spends all their time either daydreaming of riches or complaining about the credit crunch. 


  • Please note – Not legal tender.
  • Reproduction permitted under European Central Bank rules as note is one sided and not actual size.
  • Realistic looking 200 euro note
  • Specially customised toilet roll
  • Perfect novelty gift

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