JuiceCell Plus+ Charge Your Gadgets on the Go (2000mAh)

JuiceCell Plus+ Charge Your Gadgets on the Go (2000mAh)


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This battery shaped emergency charger provides extra juice for your gadget on-the-go.

Despite its pocket-sized stature, this portable charger lends a punch full of extra power to your devices (2000mAh) just when you need it most, i.e. when you are running late for a date or important meeting and your phone battery is precariously low!

Compatible with any micro USB, mini USB or Apple 30 pin charged devices, the Juice Cell comes with a charging cord and 3 connectors. The Juice Cell is also compatible with most existing USB charging cables.


  • Connectors included: Apple 30 pin/ Micro USB/ Mini USB
  • Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Compatible with most USB charging cables

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